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Explore some of the most popular American & British furniture movements, from the 16th to 20th centuries.

American woodworking and period furniture have been through many iterations and many styles were born from the available materials of the region and time.  The English and French craftsmen have an interesting history that precedes the 17th century. 

Characteristics of Period furniture

When building period furniture, the design generally falls into one of two categories: Constructional or Stylistic.



When the appearence of a piece reflects the way it is put together



Appearance conceals how it was put together. A principle common to this characteristic is where joints are flush with other members. The impression that the object is one piece is an indicator.




Carving is one of the oldest techniques. Through history, its popularity varies but it is one of the characteristics of Period Furniture adorned by so many. For instance, many chairback variations of the well-known Chippendale, skillful carving can be found.


Turned Wood

Woodturning is the process of shaping different parts of furniture. Examples include table legs and balusters.

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