Our core value is preserving the heritage of fine furniture making and woodturning. Finding quality craftsmanship is a prodigious task in our modern-day consumer market where quantity is preferred over quality. Although this has increased the quality of life for some, at least superficially, the proliferation of inexpensive furniture and home “durables” has had unintended consequences.

Master woodworker, Matt Blackburn, shows dedication to quality in more than his fine furniture and woodturning. Pictured here are layout tools French fitted in flocking/suede

Furniture has both an Intrinsic and Tangible Value

It may be an antique armoire, a lowboy, a small roll top desk, or a modern statement piece. Our mission is to create that one piece you just can’t quit thinking about. Your home should be an expression of your personality, and a unique, unexpected, versatile piece of handcrafted fine furniture is just that.

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